Welcome to Quantock Eco!

What We Do

Quantock Eco (QE) is a group of volunteers who wish to help our communities build sustainable lifestyles through

a) raising awareness of the challenges presented by global warming and Climate Change and

b) promoting action which will help mitigate them.

We aim to do that through talks, projects and information media which can lead to sustainable changes in lifestyle:  lifestyles which satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy theirs.

We have three main sources of information media to help us reach as many supporters as possible:

Executive Committee

The Executive for the year to April 2019-April 2020 is:

  • Chairman:  Julian Anderson (Bicknoller)
  • Vice-Chairman:  Chris Leigh-Browne (Ash Priors)
  • Treasurer:  Carole Darke (Bicknoller)
  • Secretary:  TBC
  • Members:  Ian Myers (Bishops Lydeard) Jamie Bachelor (Merridge) Jill Canney (Elworthy) Katrina Hinkley (Spaxton) Kim Martin (Bicknoller) Mike Davis (Halse) Stuart Dowding (Bicknoller)
  • Ex-Officio for Friends of Quantock:  TBC
  • Ex-Officio for Forum 21:  TBC