Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle

Our aim is to reduce carbon emissions in the Quantocks by promoting ‘cleaner’ electric vehicles.

We are doing this by sharing information about the advantages of investing in electric vehicles of all sorts. It is acknowledged that the majority of journeys that we all make are short journeys  (often less than 23 miles) and in these circumstances electric vehicles are often an ideal means of transport.

They demand a large initial outlay (at present) but an electric car for example can run for less than 2p per mile and electric bikes and scooters can run for 60 miles on a single charge. Bearing in mind the rising cost of fuel this is a huge advantage. In addition electric cars pay NO road tax.

We are currently working with two organisations that help the elderly and infirm attend appointments at Musgrove Park Hospital.  Both groups are enthusiastic about using MPV electric vehicles with wheelchair facility for their services and would use electric charging posts at their points of departure.

There is already an outlet in Taunton selling electric bikes and scooters and these are proving to be a real bonus for commuting, shopping and leisure use.