Energy Efficiency

West Bagborough Energy Efficiency Workshop

West Bagborough Energy Efficiency Workshop


Some general thoughts on energy.

The UK has a looming electricity energy gap due to the closure of nuclear power stations and many of our older coal powered stations that cannot meet tougher emissions statndards. We simply haven’t developed alternatives so at the moment it seems likely unless there is a change of direction that we will have to build more gas power stations. This will lock us into imports of gas and volatile prices. The carbon intensity is much better than coal but we won’t meet our carbon targets without serious investment in alternatives.

There are alternatives but we haven’t invested in them and they’ll be more expensive than coal at least in the short term.

The Governments Green deal has recently been launched which should help people with making investments in insulation and renewable energy generation technology. The price of solar power is reducing all the time and for the right site even with reduced feed in tarrif it is still a good investment. It also makes sense for all of us to isolate ourselves from the inevitable energy price increases. If we use less, we pay less and lower our carbon emissions at the same time!

During 2010 we organised events and provided information and support in order to reduce energy use in our homes and SAVE MONEY!

Energy saving advice

There are a lot more energy/money saving ideas on the websites of the following organisations

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