There have been many reports in recent years about the steep decline in the numbers of insect pollinators world wide.  We recognise that this could have serious consequences on global food supplies.

Estimates have suggested that insects are relied upon to pollinate around a third of world agricultural crops.  In the UK alone the loss of insect pollinators could cost farmers up to £440 million a year. This is about 13% of the UK’s current income from farming.

Various global organisations are doing urgent research to establish how the interplay between insects, the environment, pests, diseases and the use of agro-chemicals is affecting the balances in our ecology.

At Quantock Eco we would like to encourage local insect pollination by raising awareness of the problems we have and the consequences of these problems. The honey bee, bumble bee and many species of solitary bees are all prolific pollinators in our area as are hover flies, butterflies and moths. These are the insects that are our concern.

We are trying to help by encouraging people to consider providing suitable habitats for pollinators to breed and develop in our gardens, community spaces and on our farms.

If this is an area that interests you please get in touch: info@quantockeco.org.uk

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