QE Events just past…

Quantock Eco’s 2018 AGM was held on Friday 27th April at Crowcombe Church House

Followed by a talk by the inspirational speaker, author, peace and environmental activist



Quantock Eco’s 2017 AGM was held on Friday 21st April

at Crowcombe Church House

The AGM was be followed by Refreshments and a talk on Waste: Who’s Responsible?

 by Steve Read, The Managing Director of Somerset Waste Partnership




QE AGM and EU Debate


The Choice: To Stay or Go – What’s best for our Environment?


On Friday 29th April Quantock Eco hosted a debate on the environmental consequences of Brexit after their AGM.


 The purpose of the debate was to inform members about both the positive and negative influences that EU Membership has on our Environment to help you make up your minds on this aspect of the IN-OUT debate.  We  had three presentations, followed by an open discussion and Q & A session. The presentations were:

  • Ian Myers (Environment Agency) – An overview of EU Environmental Legislation

  • Ben Thorne (FWAG South West) – The impact of EU legislation on Farming and Wildlife

  • Philip Comer (Quantock Eco) - To Stay or Go – What is best for our Environment?

The presentations were all well received and thought provoking, and were followed by a lively and interesting discussion.

Copies of the presentations can be found here:

1. Overview of Environmental Legislation – Myers AGM 2016

2. Implications of leaving EU for British farming industry – Ben Thorne AGM 2016

3. – To Stay or Go – Comer AGM 2016



Saturday 10th October

Bicknoller Village Hall 11 am to 4 pm

Turn these into…..                                     this (but without the wasps)!