InQEdible Edible is a new local food growing project, initially based around Williton. This is inspired by and modelled on the Incredible Edible Project started in Todmorden ( a few years ago, that has now spread to many parts of the UK and overseas as well.

Our plan is to grow vegetable, fruit and herb crops at sites around Williton that can be picked by anyone in the local community – for FREE. In addition we will be growing additional crops for distribution via our FoodBox scheme to needy families.

The aim is to provide fresh nutritious food crops, available to ANYONE but especially for those in our local community who may need it. This is what localism is all about, helping each other and in particular helping those who need it most.




Incredible Edible Todmorden has three interrelated activities focussed around growing and campaigning for local food: they call them their 3 spinning plates.

Firstly growing food crops for all,

Secondly to encourage and support local business,

Thirdly to educate. Every school in the town is involved in growing and they promote food based learning for the community as a whole.

See below for more about Incredible Edible Todmorden

The small group in Quantock Eco are starting modestly, initially concentrating just on growing and distributing food crops. This year, we hope to plant up a few sites around Williton, Watchet and Bicknoller, and given more interest and new volunteers, will then, with the consent and support of other local communities, expand around the Quantocks.

We need YOU

This initiative will only work with the involvement of the local community. What can you do to help make this a success?

We need Volunteers to help look after and manage sites;

We will need more sites where we can grow food

We need local gardeners to contribute any surplus food crops they have in season to our FoodBox scheme.


If you’d like to get involved -

Ring David Croxton now on 08000 937 819 (Free Phone) who will be delighted to hear from you. Alternatively register your interest through the site and/or become a member of QE today’

See our blog on the Incredible Edible Network:


IMG_2571Todmorden Railways Station Car Park

Incredible Edible Todmorden

To understand what this is about, there is nothing better than to hear it from Pam Warhurst herself, one the founders and key movers behind Incredible Edible. Click on this link to listen to her TED Talk.

If you walk into the cemetery in Todmorden — a small town in northern England — you will find vegetables and herbs defiantly growing. Ditto if you examine the strips of land in the middle of the town’s roads, the area in front of its elder-care home, or the landscaping around its railroad station.  You will find corn as high as an elephant’s eye in front of Todmorden’s police station, and fruit trees planted around its health center. Everywhere you turn in Todmorden, edible plants abound.

In this talk given at TED London Salon, Pam Warhurst explains why this is the case — because three and a half years ago, several citizens decided to plant herb gardens in public spaces, permission be damned. The effort blossomed into Incredible Edible, a revolution not only in the way the town eats, but also in the way they think about public space. Everyone is encouraged to plant — on their own property and in public — and anyone is welcome to pick the food and cook it for dinner. The effort has not only brought in “vegetable tourists,” but has been copycatted in 30 towns in England, as well as by communities in America, Japan and New Zealand.

“So many people don’t really recognize a vegetable unless it’s in a bit of plastic,” says Warhurst in this talk, which got a rousing standing ovation. We have a motto:

“If you eat, you’re in”

Taunton are doing it too!


Growing Taunton