Living with just one planet!


Many humans consider the resources of the Earth as inexhaustible…but they aren’t.

Our focus on continuous economic growth,  our addiction to consuming more and wasting more are threatening to damage our Earth.

There are more of us, depleting the earth’s finite resources, destroying its biodiversity and polluting land, air and water. Quantock Eco believes, like many others, that we have to act now to live in a more sustainable way. We also have a moral responsibility to leave our children and grandchildren somewhere they can survive. Despite the challenges, all of us can make a difference by adopting small changes in our lifestyles and working towards solutions.

There are some key global issues: peak oil, deforestation and loss of biodiversity, climate change, population growth, over-fishing and ocean pollution, and competition for dwindling resources like water, land, metals and phosphate.

These global issues seem too big to affect us but they will ultimately change the way we live – economically, socially and environmentally.

We think this short and amusing cartoon sums up humans’ time on earth…

carbon weavils