Sustainable Flight!

Short or long haul flights inevitably skew one’s Carbon Footprint wildly.

What a relief it would be if we were able to fly to far-away holiday places and not worry about the nasty Carbon Footprint we leave behind; or have to compensate for it vicariously by having other people plant trees for us

Well, a balm which may help salve our guilty consciences is on hand! It is called Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and is now accepted by major airlines as a safe and a complete or partial replacement for fossil fuels.

Its chemical and physical characteristics are almost identical to those of conventional jet fuel. It can be safely mixed with the latter; it uses the same supply infrastructure, and it does not require adaptation of aircraft or engines

SAF is derived from sustainable oil crops such as jatropha, camelina and algae, or from wood and waste biomass.

It is said to be almost carbon-neutral over its life cycle. In fact from production through to delivery and use, it shows emission savings of up to 80% compared with conventional fossil fuels.

From one SAF flight in 2008, to 100,000 flights in 2017, to a targeted one million
flights in 2020, the aviation industry is pushing hard to cut emissions and fly one billion passengers on SAF by 2025.

IATA’s CEO says ” Our immediate aim is to work with governments to increase the production of sustainable aviation fuels”.

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