“The Hidden Kingdom in the Soil” – 13th March 2020

A talk by Professor Lynne Boddy, MBE, FRSB, FLSW, Professor of Microbial Ecology at Cardiff university.

“Soil is made from weathered rock and organic matter by organisms that inhabit it. It is the source of water, nutrients and physical support for plant life in terrestrial ecosystems. Treat it well and it supplies the needs of millions of organisms that inhabit it.  To pillage it is to desertify.”

“When we think of organisms in soil, our minds often turn immediately to plant roots or maybe earthworms, but there is far more to it than that.  No one can doubt that the terrestrial ecosystems of our planet would not work without plants.  Equally they would not work without fungi.  This talk will reveal the hidden lives of fungi in soil, and their crucial roles in maintaining abundant life.”

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