Improve Your Carbon Footprint – Friday 26th November 2021

We know that Humanity has pumped so much CO2 into the atmosphere that our Planet is in crisis.  What part have you played?  Ask yourself, are you a carbon polluter?  Of course you are – we all are!  But, do you know where and by how much you pollute?  Do you know how you can reduce your footprint?  Or how you compare with others?

On Friday November 26th 2021 Quantock Eco will repeat its highly successful workshop of October 2019.  As before the event is designed to help you answer those questions, share any wisdom you have, and discuss the dilemmas with which you are almost certain to be confronted!

Ahead of the meeting we invite you to calculate your Carbon Footprint using this QR code which will take you direct to the WWF questionnaire.

or using the link WWF Footprint Calculator.  The calculator is user-friendly and takes little time to generate a result.  For example:

Whether you can come to the workshop or not, please send that result to our email,, as soon as possible so that we can do a simple statistical analysis for our community ahead of the workshop.  Total confidentiality will be respected. 

We hope you will take part.  Our communities are one of the strongest forces for change.  Knowing your individual carbon footprint and how it is made up will help you take the steps needed to help you tackle global warming.

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