Electric Vehicles – Myth, Truth & Reality

Mark Hodgson founder and MD of Co Cars, the car sharing business, based mainly on electric and hybrid vehicles in Devon, gave an excellent talk on “Electric Vehicles Myths, Truths and Reality” and how the use of EV vehicles is changing, partly driven by the costs of new technologies and Government policies.

He answered many questions on which technologies would win out in the long term and how the market will progress over the next decade or two.  Co Cars and Co Bikes will be coming to Taunton shortly, whilst Co Cars are also working with Plymouth Council to roll out there offering Plymouth this year.  

Spot car rental is set to grow dramatically in our towns and cities in the next ten years. Combined with technological changes, production costs dropping with increased take up of electric cars the speed of change is only likely to keep on accelerating. 

The demand for better and cheaper EV batteries is creating a new gold rush as university research teams, start-up companies and automakers delve into exciting new technologies and hurry to meet demand.  The goal is to develop improved EV batteries that charge faster, last longer while switching to less expensive and more environmentally-friendly materials.  For more see https://www.greencars.com/guides/the-future-of-ev-batteries.  

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