QE’s 2022 AGM Friday 22 April

This year we shall have a “hybrid” AGM, held partly Online and partly Live.  Last year it was all online.  Two weeks before the Live meeting the Trustees will send all members the relevant reports and resolutions by email. 

Members will be asked to vote on all aspects and return their wishes to us by email as soon as possible, and no later than two days before the Live meeting – April 20th. 

The results of the voting will be announced at the Live meeting which will be held in Bicknoller Village Hall on Friday 22nd April at 7 pm[This phase was originally booked to take place in Spaxton Village Hall but has been changed.]

It will also be an opportunity for members to question Trustees about the past and future of QE.  After those formal proceedings, members will be invited to celebrate last year, and welcome 2022/23 with savoury snacks and drinks. 

This will be followed by excellent entertainment – the award-winning documentary, “Kiss the Ground”.  The solution is right under our feet!

A quorum of 15% is essential to proceed so please, a special request, even though you have completed Phase 1 online, please come to this too, and enjoy it.

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